>Glass of water for the body: apply with the hands, pros and cons

You can see your car is always clean and well maintained dream of all the drivers. But conditions are not always ideal, the body faded with time, scratched, dirt-repellent. Modern means for protection of the paint layer, known as water glass, gives the vehicle a breathtaking view.

a glass of water for the body

Water glass – a new Tool for the body of the car

The novelty of the last years – the liquid glass for cars whose manufacturers promise a stunning level of protection the LCP. The machine has no trouble, neither dirt, nor water, does not damage chemicals, coating is protected from scratches. In advertising a small exaggeration, but a means for a variety of indicators are significantly better than the usual polishes.

The liquid glass was to apply for the industry, but recently the origin as an additional protection for the car paint. It differs from the industrial will serve as the basis for a special automobile to a Polish. Liquid applied to the surface, the crystallization and the formation of a shiny surface.

Perfect surface quality, Shine, luster – a fascinating look just purchased the car. But after a couple of years, the surface faded, scratched, micro-cracks. Among the wide range of Automotive products, there are a lot of polishes, with minor defects in disguise and return to the previous view. The biggest disadvantage of the previous protection products – requires a common treatment since it lasts for a while. Glass of water enough, one day, and the year as a whole body will Shine like new.

Manufacturers guarantee the preservation of the properties and reliable protection for up to three years. In our climate, and roads, as shown, a year and even longer as a medium is used, without any problems. The liquid glass is usually sold in containers of 300 ml. For the body of the car enough 50 ml. It is envisaged that all to do with your hands. This type of work cost is very expensive, the prices are unjustifiably high.

Properties of a polishing effect of the application

In the composition of the polishing of glass, silicates of sodium, potassium, silica, and special additives to the desired physical properties. Because of the content of chemical substances in the manufacture of glass and appearance after application to the surface of the Tool its name. Outwardly, it may seem that the coating of molten glass is very fragile, but it is not so. Thick film protects the surface of the body against external influences.

You are polishing metal and plastic, according to which the Details to win a beautiful appearance that stays for a long time. But an appearance in front of-not the end – it is also an excellent protection against chemicals in winter road conditions, scratches. The summer dust is often the formation of micro-provoked cracks on the painting, but the coating of water-glass does not give it on the charging surface. It protects the paints from fading and overheating in the sun, does not lose its properties even at high heat. Dirt, and if you continue to cling to the body no longer as strong as before.

water glass for the body of the vehicle in front of

Particularly important is the protective function of the front end of the vehicle. She is very susceptible to a variety of mechanical effects. Even normal dust at high speed in the location of the penetration in the depth of color and the conditions for the emergence of corrosion. With a coating of water glass, the surface has an additional protection that takes all the blows from the outside. To update in case of damage of the protective layer is much easier and cheaper, it is worth an Update as the LCP.

Among the further advantages in comparison to conventional expolit the evaluation of delete minor flaws on the body, such as cracks, abrasions, scratches. Guaranteed full translucency: the machine is not the colour changes, is manifested by the saturation of the color. A further feature relates to the electro-static properties. Now, static electricity will not accumulate on the back of the machine, the driver and passengers never discharge made current.

Lows in the water glass are present, but they are few and relate to the preparation of the car and the operating conditions. It is necessary to cook carefully body, and depositing Material on the surface. For a long life, avoid aggressive cleaning agents, the use of brushes. You don't have the layer of protection immediately destroy, but greatly reduce the service life.

After a certain period of operation, a layer wears out, requires re-application of liquid glass to the body.

What to choose – what are the criteria to be suitable for

Compositions for polishing have been the basis of nearly identical properties. Each manufacturer is striving to conquer the market and comes with the Original title, the packaging, promises of protection for a long time. If you are advertising all the Tricks, can you give some tips for the selection:

  1. Focus on the area of application: suitable for self-study or require special conditions. If you decide to work in the Garage, select the Tool that is best suited for this.
  2. Professional tools can be very expensive, not to mention about the services. You choose how the purchase of conventional products: the main thing – the result and guarantee.
  3. You can determine the sum that are willing to spend. Because in cans at the different price is often almost the same composition, and there is no need to overpay for what you buy cheaper.
  4. Do not believe the promises of the seller of products and services, only believe certain guarantees. All the promises – only their subjective opinion, believe a friend, you saw the result on his car with my own eyes.

The preparation of the car – depends on the durability of the coating

Everyone will say that before polishing, the vehicle must wash, dry and degrease. And it is really clean to do the surface of all kinds of dirt and carefully washed with Shampoo for the car. A warning: the Shampoo may not have any wax, just aim for washing.

Good drugs to buy for the cleaning of the same company, and that the means of protection: ensures that its application is the reliable bonding.

Degrease the car and allow it to dry. For these purposes, the test gasoline, apply diluted with water. Inferior degreasers with alcohol or silicone, do not use. If you are polishing for the first time, is it enough to just degrease and dry. But if the body is already with Polish, no matter what, you should carefully consider the smallest remnants of the previous layer to remove.

Between the layer of liquid glass, and the EULA is not permitted, other intermediate layer, or its remnants, otherwise, not happening desired adhesion, coating prolonged storage be fully charged.

Choose and prepare the place better to work in the Garage, but the fit and Playground, protected from dust and dirt, moisture. Should not be cold – allowed-zero temperature of 10-40°. The work in the Winter in a heated Garage. Strong sun is not heating the machine, the liquid glass on a hot surface. On the platform, you agree that sun protection, it protects from possible rain and sun radiation.

Owners of used cars is interested in the possibility of using liquid glass on the old painting. No bans, it's not there, but before it is necessary to inspect the paint and assess the condition. If there are significant deformations, numerous chipping and scratches, and they should be eliminated. Body, repair, paint it completely or partially, after which the funds can be applied. This also applies to new vehicles with damage.

a glass of water for the body disadvantages

Drawing on the body – to make itself aware of

Purchased wax has everything you need for preparing, tools for the Job.

Read the instructions and prepare a means of the introduction of the Pipette hardener in the base fluid.

Apply a small amount of the composition to a soft sponge from the Kit and wear on the body, smooth and step. Body parts process alternately jump from one part to another.

If you are ready to apply for a plot of land, Polish it with a soft cloth from the set. This approach is the qualitative version of the procedure: the drug is not wither, no plot Ticaret. Make sure that the on the surface the ingress of dust. After the completion of a Phase, go on to the next. After the treatment of the whole body of the machine for five hours. The final point of criticism for two weeks. In this time, it is advisable not to wash a car.

Manual polishing labor-intensive and long. For the facilitation of the work molendum apparatus or drill, apply Polish with a soft pad, at medium shooting numbers.